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I've been leveling my D/D ele and he was quite a pill until level 40-ish. That's the point where you can unlock the major tier in the traits. That helped or I'm starting to get the hang of it. 

I've been using this rotation in PvE: 

1. Switch to Fire attunement (gain might) 
2. Skill 3 - leap forward and burn a line 
3. Skill 2 - fire breath to burn everything 
4. Skill 5 - burst skill with +dmg to burning foes 
5. Skill 4 - ring of fire (needed for upcoming blasts) 
5. Switch to Earth attunement (gain protection) 
6. Skill 4 -- knockdown + blast finisher (+might) 
7. Skill 5 -- long channel, huge AoE bleed (another blast for +might) 
8. Skill 2 -- bleed + cripple 
9. Switch to Water attunement (gain regeneration) 
10. Skill 4 -- frost aura 
11. Skill 2 -- DPS + heal 
12. Skill 5 -- heal + condition remove 
13. Switch to Air attunement (gain swiftness) 
14. Skill 3 -- shocking aura 
15. Skill 2 -- weakness 
16. Skill 5 -- knockback 
17. REPEAT at step 1 (step 2 will slide us back into range!) 

Anyway, it's a pretty sweet combo. I use the fire cantrip to cleanse conditions and gain regeneration. It can be used while any other skill is channeling. 

Join up with WAR

Juno a posted Apr 10, 13
I was looking for a larger guild to participate in various activities, which include WvW.  I signed up with [WAR]:


To join, there's a 15 minute interview/discussion with one or more officers.  It's a very large guild -- probably the biggest I've been in.

I thought they were a pure WvW guild but was wrong.  They have as many PvE activites as WvW.  They run the various guild missions as well including the Bounty mission.  You can observe the calendar on their webpage.

Guildwars 2 is nice in that you can be a member of multiple guilds.  Unfortunately you can only represent one at a time -- WAR requires representation of the members (probably for influence reasons but maybe for cohesion as well).  

If you're looking to try the guild quests in GW2, give WAR a try.


Juno a Probably not going to be in this guild much longer -- too many dumb-ass people talking inapporpriately.
Juno a So far this guild is more PvE than WvW. Last night was "Orr" night where the entire guild plowed thro...

Too funny

Juno a posted Apr 2, 13
I found this highly amusing -- maybe because it mirrors what I see when I play sPvP. My favorite line "when a commander chides you for not being a team player, insult his mother."

Warrior PvP Flow Chart

Juno a Ok I sized it down by a third -- damn critics.
Rob a Also, this giant picture totally distorts the entire page
Rob a Sweet! It is nice to have something to look forward to, for when my warrior makes it to 80 and I drop serious time/money...

Growing Angst

Juno a posted Nov 19, 12
I'm slowly losing my patience with ArenaNet in Guild Wars 2.  They've done a great job in creating the game, but a HORRIBLE job in execution of an MMO.  This lost shores event was just the latest in a series of bungled player-releations.
First off, we have new content that's only accessible for a two hour window on a sunday afternoon.  While this is just a game, we are paying customers with a minimum expectation that we can experience what we paid for.
Second, if you could attend the event, you probably experienced horrific lag making the play-quality poor.
Third, ANet decided to offer rewards better than ANY current in-game reward (dungeon chests, story rewards, map-completion rewards, you name it).  If you want to make players mad, schedule an event they cannot attend and then give a kick-ass reward.
Now, if that wasn't enough in the "bad decision" column, consider the following exploit:  Many players completed the event multiple times by "hopping" from overflow to overflow using their alternate toons.  I personally saw one player link 5x the reward chest in map chat.  He then gleefully expressed "I ran it on all my alts!".  I don't think ANet intended that behavior (the event was one-time after all) so I'm calling it an exploit.
I posted a topic here but ANet locked it:
I'm sure this sounds a bit sour-grapes, but ANet continues to dick-over the player base for an MMO in ways I didn't not really expect from them.  I'm losing more than patience... I'm losing respect.
Juno a Lots of forum topics going "locked" this morning. There are plenty of players posting about the viola...
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